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"Letting Kids be Kids!"

About Us

Mission Statement

Building key assets in children today so that they turn into healthy and happy adults of tomorrow.


All children deserve to be cared for, respected, and are entitled to a safe and healthy environment.

Open communication with parents and community partners create a better place for children.

Positive interactions encourage and educate children about responsibility, honesty, fairness, compassion and respect.

About After The Bell Inc

We are dedicated to providing high-quality child care for school-aged children.

There are a wide variety of activities and choices available that allow "Kids to BE KIDS!" while still teaching them about themselves, their peers, environment, and community.


The staff at After The Bell Inc are always improving their skills.

Some examples of courses available to the staff are:
- School Age Program Planning
- Inclusive Child Care Classroom
- Behaviour Guidance
- Play & Learning
- Emergent Learning
- ASL for Children
- Music & Movement
- Calming Techniques
- Bullying Prevention
- Support to school-agers
... and the list goes on!

Our Staff

Employees are hired based on their experience, both in duration and in content. All employees must pass a background check before they are hired. In order to ensure that the staff are After The Bell Inc remain fully qualified, they are frequently offered courses and workshops at no charge to keep current.




Primary Staff


Primary Staff






Summer Staff


"I just wanted to send my thanks for another fantastic year. I'm so grateful, and it's such peace of mind knowing my child is so well cared for by yourself and your awesome staff. I can't sing your praises enough! After the Bell rocks!!!
There is definitely something to be said for the fact that when I come to pick my child up at days end, they always say "Aw, do I have to go now!?" Apparently, they are just having so much fun!"

~ ATB Parent

"I chose After The Bell as I was tirelessly searching to secure after-school care in the middle of the school year. After being told, I would be put on a wait list, and called back by several daycares, After the Bell was the only one who kept their word. In fact, the owner even held my spot due to bad weather as I had to drive 2 hours away to view the place, to see if it was 'the right fit' for my child. It was then that I knew this would be the place, as Mandy was so accommodating and welcoming to both my child and I. Upon the arrival, there were many happy looking children, and my daughter settled in immediately, and did not want to leave.
After the Bell offers a variety of options for fun, play and learning; all which are important skills in child development. Also since being at ATB, Mandy has provided an opportunity for the parents to get involved in the actions of how to better provide after school programming for school aged children. They offer affordable rates, and most importantly, I drop my daughter off with ease and comfort, as she loves the friends she has made as well as the staff. This program has allowed a much smoother transition for both my daughter and in in the middle of a school year, which we all know can be hectic, and we could not have been more grateful.
Thanks, ATB"

~ Lacey

"My daughter has been at ATB since September 2015, when she first started in grade primary. Our family had wonderful experiences with daycare/preschool and I was very anxious about what the transition to public school would be like – for our whole family!
I remember looking for before/after school care for my daughter and being struck by the limited options available in our area. We knew Excel wouldn’t work for us given its limited schedule (no coverage on snow days, PD days, etc) and having our child in a licensed child care program was very important to us. I emailed Mandy in February 2015 to ask if our family could tour the centre. I was looking to set up a specific time to come in, but Mandy responded with “just stop by anytime, that way you can really get a sense of the program.” This response impressed me; it told me that Mandy was confident enough in her program and her staff that she didn’t need to “prepare” for tours – they were always ready! I remember my first impressions of ATB. I was pleased (and maybe a little surprised) with the number of staff working – I’m sure it was more than required under licensing – and how friendly and inviting each staff member was to us. They all interacted directly with my daughter and made her feel welcome and important; something that continues to this day. The biggest factor in our decision to register at ATB was that my daughter instantly loved it – she didn’t want to leave! (it is still a struggle to get her to come home at the end of the day.)
I could go on and on about the positive experiences we’ve had at ATB. The staff really care for the children and are invested in their well-being. My daughter adores the staff and has made wonderful friendships with the other children. I have also been impressed with the way Mandy interacts with me as a parent. She is open and transparent in her communication and I know I can come to her with any concerns I may have and that she will take immediate steps to address them. Mandy is always looking for ways to improve ATB and routinely seeks out parental feedback; which means so much to us as parents, that we have a real voice; that we are listened to. By far, the biggest benefit to being a part of the ATB family, is knowing that my child is happy, safe, and cared for. What more could a mother want!"

~ Barbara

"I would like to begin by saying from the first phone call to inquire about your services I was given nothing but quality Client Service Delivery and to this I will always be grateful. My first phone call was lengthy, many questions, concerns and uncertainty. This would be the 1st time to leave my only child with a child care provider that I didn't know (you came highly recommended) I didn't know the ever so patient person on the other end was the owner ;) who took the time to reassure me "yes we have the proper ration child/ staff, yes the children play according to age, yes our staff are certified have all the correct documentation", etc etc; thank you for not brushing me off and showing patience to my many questions ;) leaving your 4 year old with strangers is kind of a big deal ;)
My daughter has enjoyed every moment spent at ATB, she has made many wonderful friends as well as fallen in love with the warm and nurturing staff and maybe stolen their hearts ;) I am quite sure our paths will cross again in the future. Thank you all for your wonderful care and allowing this mother to work worry free knowing optimal care was being given to my daughter in my absence. My husband and I will be forever grateful to all of you for making this a wonderful experience for her ;) she has enjoyed every field trip, craft, experiment,concert etc ;)"

~ S & J

"After the Bell offers us security, flexibility and peace of mind. We know our children are safe and well cared for. The staff provide them with an engaging place to play, explore, make friends and be themselves. They feel at home at After the Bell. At the end of the day, I will hear "Aww MOM! I'm not ready to go!" - one of the best endorsements a centre could have."

~ The Collens Family

"Love Mandy and her girls at ATB ... They are great with the kids and my son spends the summer there with their summer camps !! Next year both of my boys will be there :)"

~ Tanya

"My son has been going to After The Bell since his first day of primary and he is now in grade 4 and still attends. He would have it no other way than to continue to go there until he finishes elementary school. From the first day, I never had any worries about his safety. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a pretty particular Mom and feel very confident in saying that ATB is a wonderful place to attend. In the summer, they keep the children occupied with fun activities for all interests. The girls there take personal interest in the children and are concerned about what is going on in their lives. I would highly recommend ATB as a safe, organized, fun place for your child when you cannot be with them."

~ Michelle

"My children have been attending After The Bell for 4 years and they absolutely love it! On snow or in-service days, they would rather go to After The Bell to play with their friends than stay home (and they never want to be picked up early). They have both made many lasting, true friendships. After The Bell has become an extended family and the Staff genuinely care about all the children. Activities are well organized and thought out to ensure there is always something special for each unique child to enjoy. I feel very fortunate that I have found a child care centre that my children truly love attending and where I feel confident that they are well cared for, respected and safe."

~ Heather & Steve

"When it comes to the most important thing in the world to us, we have very high standards... After the Bell certainly lives up to those standards. ATB is a great place where kids get to be kids. The staff is friendly, professional and they create a great environment where the children get to learn, be social, work and play together and most of all, have fun! We have a great sense of comfort knowing our child is well cared for with ATB!"

~ J & T

"When we first moved to the neighborhood, one of my first concerns was finding a before-and-after school placement for my son. There are a few options in Cole Harbour, but of all of them, I believe that After The Bell Inc is the best! The staff made the transition as easy as possible for him, and most of his new friends are there.
My daughter enjoys visiting and playing when we pick up and drop off my son, I know she can hardly wait to start in July 2013!"

~ Serena

About Our Services

Schools Serviced

We drop children off before school and pick them up after school at the following locations:
Astral Drive Elementary (236 Astral Drive, B2V 1B8)
Joseph Giles Elementary (54 Gregory Drive, B2W 3M6)
Caldwell Road Elementary (280 Caldwell Road, B2V 1A3)
Portland Estates Elementary (45 Portland Hills Dr, B2W 6L5)
Brookhouse Elementary (15 Christopher Ave, B2W 3G2)

Fee Structure

A $10.00 fee is added each July to offset the cost of T-shirts or hats which we use during our field trips to help keep track of the children.

July 2018


August 2018


Sept to June 2019


Daily Drop-In Rate


Special Notices

Inclement Weather Policy

The inclement weather policy can be boiled down to three points:
- If buses are cancelled, then After The Bell Inc is open, but the van will not be running.
- If schools are closed before they open for the day, then After The Bell Inc is open.
- If schools notify that they will be closing part way through the day, then After The Bell Inc is open.
- If schools are closed part way through the day, then After The Bell is closed, and you will have to make arrangements to pick up your children.

No Pets Permitted

Pets are not permitted within the center. This is for the safety and security of the children. Service animals are not affected by the no-pets rule.


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